The Alba Lunch Society is a group open to all Members of the Caledonian Club, and their guests, and we meet 3 times a year, in the spring, summer and late autumn. The core of our meetings is lunch in the Club and at each lunch we have an interesting topic on which we focus, and these are wide ranging and varied. We might have a visit and tour to a place of interest, a behind the scenes tour, a visiting speaker or even a chance to develop a new skill. 

Recently we had a trip behind the scenes at Lyon and Turnbull, and have enjoyed meeting such speakers as the Scottish fabric designer Jilli Blackwood, and also Griselda Hill, who has continued the production of the iconic Scottish pottery, Wemyss Ware. During the lockdowns, we kept our society together by having lectures via Zoom, although sadly, no lunch to follow.

We are always happy to welcome new members.

Chair: Glen McNeill.
The Bridge Society traditionally meets in the Club at 6.30pm on Mondays, however this is flexible depending on the availability of players and can easily change should a greater number request an alternative time and day.

The Society is actively seeking new members so please get in touch via the contact below if you would like to find out more about our sessions or come along for a few rubbers one evening.

The Bridge Society invites you to deal yourself in for this, the most intellectually stimulating of all card games. Our standard is good but not intimidating, we love the social aspect of the game and try to ensure our evenings’ are both fun and stimulating.

We hope to see you soon.

To find out more please contact the Secretariat at
Our programme is exciting and varied, playing at some of the finest golf courses here in the South and Scotland and with several social events in the Club during the year. Whilst the enjoyment of golf is at the core of the Society it is the camaraderie that makes it special. 

Charlie Stewart, a Past-Captain of the Society, captured that camaraderie in verse:

‘St Andrews, Prestwick ,Gailes and Troon, 
the memories could fill the room.
Of courses played and friends we’ve made 
In a’ the years this game we’ve played.
Tonight we’ve shared with many friends 
and just before this evening ends, 
lets raise a glass to us a’ 
who share the love of the wee white ba’.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Golfing Society.

Society Secretary: David Smith.
The Club’s Events Committee organises a variety of musical evenings throughout the year for Club Members and their guests. The Club is fortunate enough to own a Bösendorfer concert piano, which was purchased by Club Members and attracts pianists and chamber groups of extremely high calibre from the UK and internationally.

There is an exciting and diverse programme of musical events scheduled for the 2022/23 Season. Of particular note are a folk evening in the Morrison Room with violinist Henry Webster in September, a trip to see Puccini’s tragic love story, La bohème at the Royal Opera House in October, and a recital in the Club by award-winning pianist, Evgenia Startseva in February 2023.
The Society was set up to bring to The Caledonian Club influential speakers from a wide and diverse group of disciplines including academia, arts & culture, finance & commerce, diplomacy, media, armed forces and politics. 

A prominent speaker is invited to address the Society on a theme of their choosing on the first Tuesday of each month, except August. Past speakers have included prominent politicians, sporting personalities, business leaders and ambassadors.

Members can meet the speakers at an informal pre-lunch reception, followed by lunch, presentation and a Q & A session. Adhering to the Chatham House Rule, Number 9 events provide a unique insight into topics of the day and are renowned for their  informative but relaxed atmosphere.

Chair:  Stuart Thom.

The Arts Group, formed in 2011, brings together Club Members with an interest in all aspects of the arts including painting, sculpture, architecture, antiques, literature and the performing arts - particularly but not exclusively with a Scottish theme. 

Events include theatre visits, private viewings at galleries, museums and exhibitions and talks by prominent people in their field, usually accompanied by an engaging dinner in the Club.

Close relations with the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) has resulted in the loan of works of art to the Club. Many artists and galleries take part in the Club’s Revolving Art Exhibitions.

Become a member of the Society to interact with others with a mutual interest in the arts, enjoying an educational experience in a friendly social setting.

Chair: Hilary Reid Evans
If you enjoy literature and a good argument you should consider joining the Book Club. There is no fee, it is free to Members. You can attend in person or you can send in your views on that month’s chosen title by email and they will be considered during our ‘live’ sessions.

A summary of our discussions is circulated following each session to ensure that everyone is kept up to date and doesn’t miss out.

Meetings take place once a month in the evenings and last about an hour from 6.15 to 7.15pm. A word of warning, however, we do have round table discussions therefore the number attending each session is capped at about fifteen to make sure that everyone has the chance to partipate and have their say.

So sign up quickly to be guaranteed a place!

Organiser: Hilary Reid Evans.
The Caledonian Racing Society formed in 1996, has owned 20 horses across 20 consecutive Syndicates. The Society has had considerable success recording 28 wins since its inception with a strike rate of Wins to Runs of 12 percent.

The objective is to provide a low-cost entry into racehorse ownership, where the members can enjoy the benefits of this and also participate in the friendship of the many organised social events.

Throughout the season we arrange a mix of events with race-days, stable and stud visits, and dinners with prominent guest speakers.

The Society’s horses are trained by the three times champion jockey and now successful trainer Richard Hughes at Weathercock House Stables.

Chair: Deborah Thomson
The Society has a strong calendar of good quality game shooting, focusing mainly on single and pairs of days. These mainly take place in the Home Counties although there is occasionally the opportunity to go further afield.

In the off-season and to keep the eye in we have our own Club competition, open to all members and guests of the Caledonian Club, not just members of the Society, as well as fielding teams in several clay pigeon competitions against other Clubs.

Although shooting dominates the current programme we are very keen to hear from those whose passion is fishing and who would like to develop this side of the Society’s activities.

For more information please contact
Since the opening of the new wing in 2006, the Club Snooker room has been available to all Members and guests to play within Club opening times. There has been a number of incarnations of a Club snooker team   over the years, the most recent was formed in 2019, after the annual Members Snooker Competition.

In the past The Caledonian Club Snooker Team has taken part in the wider London Clubs Snooker Team Competition, winning the Cup in 1999 and 2003. As well as the team competitions between other clubs there is also the opportunity to take part in the Scratch, Handicap, and Individual competitions.

The Snooker Society meets on every second Monday of the month from 6.30 - 8.30pm. Players of all ages and standards are welcome and it’s a great opportunity to meet other Members, socialise and enjoy a few ends.

Contact: Tom Adamson at
The Younger Members’ Society (YMS) was formed in 2009, comprising just twenty members. Now, it comprises of well over 200 members, all attracted to the Society by its buzzing programme of fun events and gatherings throughout the year. 

The events calendar kicks off with a Younger Members’ Burns Supper in January, followed by various dinners, dances, wine, gin and whisky tastings as well as monthly drinks, and ending the year with a fantastic Young Members’ Christmas Lunch, which is always well attended. 

The YMS works with other Younger Members’ Societies at Clubs in London, the UK and overseas to continue to broaden and expand the sociability and fun of the Society. Joining the Society is a great way to meet and socialise with Members of a similar age 
and interests. 

Chair: Daliah P Bond.