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Quirky Wedding Venues in London

June 27, 2019 10:35 am

Wedding days are meant to be remembered. They are days to be cherished throughout a lifetime of togetherness, and for friends and family members to recall fondly. A wedding is a chance to share old stories and create new ones, and to act as a genuine highlight to be both looked forward to, and looked back upon. As such, choosing a quirky wedding venue in London – one packed full of incredible features, beautiful spaces, and fantastic opportunities for customisation – is a key factor for those looking to make a real impact on their big day.

In today’s weddings and events industry, there is a stronger emphasis than ever before on quirkiness, on memorability, and on unique features that make the event stand out from the crowd. Venues across the capital are jostling for the attention of the public, and going the extra mile to provide awe-inspiring aspects, specifically designed to make wedding days the highlight of a lifetime. However, at The Caledonian Club, we have always celebrated our uniqueness on the ever-evolving events scene in London. Indeed, for those who know, The Caledonian Club has long since been regarded as a quirky wedding venue par excellence, and is without a doubt one of the finest places in the capital – if not in the whole country – to celebrate a marriage.

Why is this so? Well, let’s take a closer look at what makes The Caledonian Club a quirky wedding venue which remains in constant demand, and why our beautiful Belgravia clubhouse is considered a genuine benchmark for quirky wedding venues, bursting with charm, uniquity, and memorable features.

A Quirky London Wedding Venue Unlike Any Other

The London neighbourhood of Belgravia boasts no shortage of beautiful mansions, each one as charming and iconic as the last. Indeed, this corner of the capital has become somewhat synonymous with London’s regency beauty, with its townhouses and cobbled streets, air of bohemian sensibility, and effortless sense of style. The Caledonian Club possesses all of these factors, and more besides. Indeed, the beautiful townhouse in which our club is located was the very last of the Belgravia mansions to be built, and continues to exhibit all of the glorious features of its 19th century roots. If you’re on the lookout for a quirky wedding venue with a genuine and unbroken link to a truly illustrious history, then search no further: The Caledonian Club is guaranteed to please in this regard, and in many more besides!

We like to think (and we’re often told by our satisfied clients and guests) that stepping up to the door of The Caledonian Club is an event in itself. It is to step into a world of vintage sophistication and antique exclusivity, frozen in time, and forever as warm and welcoming as it is intriguing. Our wedding events are the perfect example of the impact our quirky wedding venue makes: as the gathered friends and family of the bride and groom walk through our impressive entrance, and gaze in wonder at the beauty of our original 19th century furnishings, they are unable to wipe the smiles from their faces, or the look of wonder from their eyes.

While other venues aim for the dynamism and buzz of the modern age, we’re proud to offer something utterly different: the time-honoured charm of over one hundred years of elegance, preserved for the delight of those who understand its value.

Scottish Character, London Charm, and Universal Distinction

As a private members’ club for those of Scottish descent, we take an enormous amount of pride in providing all the finer features of Scotland in the heart of fashionable Belgravia. At The Caledonian Club, you’ll be able to luxuriate in and entertain your guests amid genuine Scottish finery, enjoying beautiful foods made from carefully sourced Scottish ingredients, all served with all the warmth our heritage is famed for. Oh, and our single malt whisky collection is, quite simply, second-to-none.

Of course, whether you have Caledonian roots yourself or not is irrelevant – we strive to provide quirky wedding venue experiences to each and every one of our guests, no matter where they might come from! Thanks to our fashionable West London location, we’re able to cherry-pick the very best of both worlds, providing a stylish and quirky wedding venue with a real Scottish heart.

A Range of Function Rooms, Each More Unique Than the Last

One of the reasons why The Caledonian Club is celebrated as one of London’s leading quirky wedding venues is due to the fact that we have a wide range of function rooms, interior spaces, and social venues, each perfect for a broad range of wedding styles. No matter whether you’re looking for a small, intimate, and unique wedding, perfectly customised to your needs and desires, or a large-scale, imposing, and impressive function room to make a grandiose impact, you’ll find your ideal – and ideally quirky – solution at our opulent guesthouse.

Unlike many wedding venues in London, at The Caledonian Club, we take huge pride in the fact that our rooms and spaces are not uniform, they are not identical, and they do not necessarily conform to expectations! In each room, you’ll find a glorious wealth of different furnishings, different antiquated interior design ideas, and a completely different – albeit undeniably elegant and luxurious – ambience in each and every space.

Here’s just a taster of some of the quirky and unique rooms for hire at The Caledonian Club:

  • The Member’s Dining Room

Looking for a larger function room in which to hold a wedding which really makes a grand impression? The members’s dining room has space for up to 150 guests, and is furnished impeccably with a wide range of period features. Airy, elegant, and the epitome of Belgravia decadence, it’s a firm favourite for those seeking to impress and amaze on their wedding day.

  • The Library

With 64 square metres of space, The Library has become one of the most popular function rooms to hire at The Caledonian Club for weddings (and similar soirees) which require a beautiful and atmospheric space. Best suited for wedding dinners and cocktail parties, the deep red walls and row upon row of antique books make this a stunningly quirky wedding venue in London.

  • Belgravia Square Gardens

If your wedding day is taking place in the warmer months of the year, then taking things outside to the elegant and peaceful Belgravia Square Gardens is never a bad idea. The Caledonian Club grants its guests access to this iconic secret garden in the heart of this fashionable neighbourhood, and it’s the ideal space in which to pose for photos you’ll cherish forever.

Of course, the list doesn’t end there. There are plenty of smaller and more intimate rooms for hire at The Caledonian Club, and we’re confident we have the ideal space in which to host the perfect wedding celebrations.

Wedding Catering That Goes Above and Beyond

No wedding would be complete without a spectacular array of drinks and dishes, and in this regard, The Caledonian Club always goes above and beyond the call of duty. We’re lucky to have a dedicated team, as well as a highly talented and passionate Head Chef, who will be more than happy to meet with all prospective guests in order to come up with the perfect menu for your big day.

At The Caledonian Club, we’re committed to showcasing the very best of Scottish ingredients and recipes, and sharing those with everyone who walks through our doors. Of course, we also have one of the most impressive wine collections in Belgravia, and a wide array of treasured whiskies and other drinks, perfect more making your celebration go off with a bang!

The Caledonian Club: A Quirky London Wedding Venue With Impeccable Style

Nestled away in the heart of Belgravia, The Caledonian Club has been going the extra mile for its members and the wider community for over a hundred years. We’re used to doing things our own way, and providing a thoroughly memorable, quirky, and luxurious experience for the wedding parties we love to host. Thanks to our wonderful team of events experts, our skillful chefs, and over a century of illustrious history, we’re proud to be a quirky wedding venue in London which never fails to stand out from the crowd. Interested in finding out more? Get in touch today, and see what The Caledonian Club can do for you.

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