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Honouring Eric Liddell – a lecture with author Sally Magnusson

June 26, 2012 4:29 pm

eric-liddell-blog1With Olympic fever about to descend on London, The Caledonian Club is delighted to honour Eric Liddell at The Caledonian Lecture on Tuesday 25 September ’12.

The remarkable story of Eric Liddell, known as Li Airui, is told in the book, The Flying Scotsman, by Sally Magnusson. Sally will give the Caledonian Lecture on Li Airui, a Scotsman still greatly revered in China.

Born in China 1902 of Scottish missionary parents, Liddell’s early days were spent with his family in Tianjin before being sent to school at Eltham College and subsequently matriculating at Edinburgh University where his ability as a sportsman and runner took off.

This is the original film of Eric Liddell winning his gold medal in the 400m in 1924.

His performance at the Paris Olympiad in 1924, winning Gold in the 400 metres, was all the more remarkable as he had intended to run the 100 metres but was disqualified after refusing to take part in the qualifying race, which was to be held on a Sunday, in respect of his religious upbringing. This part of his life was immortalised in the award winning film, Chariots of Fire.

He returned to China in 1925 working as a minister and teacher and married a Canadian, Florence Mackenzie, with whom he had three daughters. He remained in China after the outbreak of war and was interned in a Japanese POW camp where he died in 1945. He is buried in Tianjin.

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