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Caledonian Racing Society – Fruit Pastille

October 28, 2014 9:43 am

The Caledonian Racing Society has had considerable success this season with its new filly, Fruit Pastille, recording her 4th victory at Newmarket last Tuesday.

Why the name Fruit Pastille, when other club’s former horses have carried a truly Scottish name Supercal, Caly Dancer and Caledonian Lad?

As a youngster she played up quite a bit, her lad referred to her as a “fruit cake”. So when it came to naming her it was felt that this characteristic should be reflected in her name. Fruit Pastoral was chosen in honour of her sire Pastoral Fruit, however something got lost in translation and she was registered as Fruit Pastille, to which Rowntree’s kindly agreed!

Fruit Pastille will race at Lingfield on Thursday at 2.50pm then, after a well-earned break at her owners stud in Wilshire, she will return to training in 2015.

Fruit Pastille Newmarket Oct 2014

Fruit Pastille Newmarket 21 October 2014

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