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Goodwood Races – Waiting List

August 24, 2019

Goodwood Races

The Goodwood Races – The Caledonian Racing Society


Elegant. Historic. Thrilling. The Goodwood Races are a true British institution, a chance to get up close and personal with horses and jockeys at their very peak of professional excellence, and a peerless opportunity to have a truly memorable day out, filled with all the sophistication that horse racing has to offer.


Whether you’re interested in experiencing the Goodwood Races as a newcomer to equestrian sports, want to encounter the race events as a seasoned aficionado of all things horse-related, or simply love the glamour and style associated with this important society event, Goodwood has so much to offer, and so much to explore. Situated on a magnificent ancestral estate in the verdant heart of East Sussex, Goodwood offers a genuine escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and a plethora of exciting events to partake in.


Let’s take a closer look at the Goodwood Races, and gain a deeper idea of what to expect when visiting this most prestigious and glorious of racecourses.


The Goodwood Racetrack


With its beautiful vantage point above the rolling hillsides surrounding Chichester and the South Downs, Goodwood Racetrack is superbly situated for its impressive range of sporting events. Britain’s most picturesque racetrack is also one of its most unique; the unusual switchback nature of the course never fails to bring further thrills and excitement to the races held there.


As for the races themselves, the ‘Glorious Goodwood’ meeting in the height of summer features races curated and designed to take equestrian sport to the heights of excellence; for example, the Sussex Stakes (often billed as the Duel on the Downs) sees the current best three-year-old miler go head to head against winning older horse for the first time. Simply exhilarating! Other key races include the ever-popular Goodwood Cup, the Nassau Stakes, and the Steward’s Cup. Thanks to a 10 year sponsorship deal with Qatar, the Goodwood Races impress more and more each year, with plenty of further developments planned for 2020 and beyond.


The Goodwood Races: A Glorious History of Prestige


It’s impossible to visit the glorious Goodwood Races, or any of the varied events held at Goodwood, without gaining a sense of the history and prestige which illuminates the entire estate. The house and its grounds have a truly luxuriant history stretching all the way back to the beginning of the 17th century, but it was in 1697 when the first Duke of Richmond (an illegitimate son of King Charles II) established his dynasty there, which continues to this day.


The current occupant of Goodwood is perhaps the one who best embodies the spirit of the Goodwood Races. The 11th Duke of Richmond, the professional photographer Charles March, currently lives in Goodwood House with his wife and children. It is he who expanded upon the nature of the Goodwood Races, turning the sporting calendar fixture into an unmissable series of society events. He also introduced the Festival of Speed to Goodwood, as well as the Goodwood Revival Festival, adding more strings to his spectacular family home’s bow.


That’s not to say that the Goodwood Races wasn’t a key high society calendar event before the 11th Duke took over, however. For over a hundred and fifty years, this equestrian sporting event – and the myriad racehorse meetings which take place at Goodwood throughout the year – has been an essential place to be for those seeking to mingle with the fashionable elite of the UK. From the impeccable style of the attendees, to the elegance and grandeur of the setting, this essence of history and prestige truly permeates every aspect of the Goodwood Races.


Goodwood Today


In 2019, Goodwood is every bit as glamorous, thrilling, and multi-faceted as it ever was, and it continues to attract an ever-growing of visitors for each and every grandiose event. Today’s Goodwood attendees are those seeking to experience the sophistication of a high-profile horse racing event, and looking to have a fantastic day out with friends and family amid the elegant surroundings.


Naturally, the Goodwood Races have adapted with the times and changed with key trends, embracing the spirit of modernity while treasuring the values which make it unique. As such, visitors to Goodwood today are able to enjoy fine dining encounters (a sustainable, seasonal restaurant is one of the latest additions to the Goodwood brand), top-class wine flights, and a whole host of entertainment options, each aimed at making a visit all the more exciting.


Style, Etiquette, and Sophistication at Goodwood Races


Horse racing and high fashion go hand in hand, and both historically and in the present day, the Goodwood Races are a focal point of British high society’s showcasing of the latest fashions. Indeed, as one wanders among the enclosures and grounds of Goodwood during the races, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the sheer elegance and sense of style exhibited by its dedicated visitors, who never fail to make an impact with their sartorial choices for the event!


Visitors to the Goodwood Races are encouraged to observe the dress codes required for particular enclosures, as certain items of clothing – notably sleeveless tops for men, fancy dress items, and trainers – are prohibited. Goodwood is all about looking your finest, feeling your best, and joining in with the incomparable experience of being at one of the most iconic British racecourses in all your finery!


The Goodwood Races Enclosures


Visitors to the Goodwood Races are able to choose the race enclosure which best suits themselves, each of which offers plenty of luxurious features, unique attributes, and its own dress code and level of formality. The three main enclosures are as follows:


  • The Richmond Enclosure


The most exclusive, sophisticated, and luxurious of the three enclosures, The Richmond really is the last word in elegance. Dress codes include formalwear for men (a tie or cravat with a jacket or blazer is a must), and dresses or trouser suits for women. Guests at The Richmond can enjoy unrivalled winning post views, incredible food and drink options, and access to the parade ring for those wanting a more intimate encounter with the participating horses.


  • The Gordon Enclosure


Despite being slightly less formal than the Richmond, watching the races from the Gordon Enclosure is nonetheless an elegant experience to be treasured. With access to standing viewing from the March Grandstand, as well as the chance to visit the parade ring, guests at the Gordon also have the chance to enjoy the Earl’s Garden – the perfect place to relax, drink, and dance all through the afternoon!


  • The Lennox


If you’re planning on visiting the Goodwood Races with children, then The Lennox is the perfect enclosure for you. Family friendly, considerably more informal than the other enclosures, and with a picnic area and a children’s playground, it’s a gorgeously relaxed place to spend the day amid all the excitement of the festival.


As well as these stunning enclosures, the Goodwood Races also features a series of exclusive and glamorous boxes, resplendent in quintessential English country style.


The Goodwood Races: An Unforgettable Equestrian Event


It’s no surprise that Glorious Goodwood has become one of the most popular fixtures in the English racing calendar. Thanks to its peerless sense of style and elegance, the thundering thrill of the racing itself, and the hospitality at the beautiful Goodwood Estate, to visit the races in the heart of the East Sussex countryside is an experience never to be forgotten.


August 24, 2019


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Goodwood Racecourse