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August 15, 2015 2:10 pm
“Pulling the cork” on the world of fine wines by the glass 

Susan Galloway and her team are delighted to introduce the innovative Coravin system. For those who don’t know of it think of keyhole surgery on the cork of a bottle. This wonderful system allows fine wines to be extracted and the bottle resealed with inert argon gas. Not only will you get a glass of fantastic wine but the wine in the bottle remains in perfect condition for a year plus! We have been trying it on a bottle of Chateau du Tertre 1996 for over three months and it really does work. Members now have the opportunity to enjoy fine red and white wines by the glass during lunch or dinner. Click here to see the current “Coravin wine selection”. To see the complete Wine List for 2015 please follow this link.

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