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Venue Hire London: The Caledonian Club

Elegant, sophisticated, and welcoming, the Caledonian Club has built up a reputation for being one of London’s finest and most sought-after venues for hire. This beautiful Scottish members club offers its clients and guests an atmosphere of true grandiosity, coupled with a sense of homeliness and old world charm. Together, this makes venue hire at The Caledonian Club a truly exclusive and memorable experience, making it a venue which simply cannot be overlooked. With its gorgeously decorated function rooms and social spaces, this stunning venue for hire in London is bound to make a powerful and lasting impression!

Situated in the heart of Belgravia – one of London’s most stylish and luxurious neighbourhoods – the Caledonian Club is a venue for hire which never fails to go above and beyond expectations, delivering perfection and breathtaking surprises at every turn. Indeed, with its Scottish and period decor, fabulous location, and superb team of event professionals, it’s a splendid setting for all manner of events, ranging from receptions to birthdays, business meetings, weddings, workshops, and much more besides.

Let’s take a closer look at the unique features offered by The Caledonian Club as a venue for hire in London, and consider just what it is that makes this beautiful Belgravia mansion house such a fantastic choice for those seeking something truly special.

Make a Bold Impression by Hiring a Venue in Fashionable Belgravia

It would be impossible to write about the appeal of the Caledonian Club without making some reference to Belgravia, the chic and beautiful London neighbourhood in which this elegant 19th century mansion is located. For over two centuries, Belgravia has been considered the last word in urbane sophistication, and its iconic townhouses and public gardens are emblematic of London’s status as a stylish modern city in touch with its historic roots.

The Caledonian Club takes great pride in its location within the heart of Belgravia, and venue hire of the Caledonian Club allows guests the opportunity to enjoy the unique ambience of this part of London. For example, many receptions and parties held at the clubhouse will make use of one of Belgravia’s signature garden spaces – the perfect place in which to soak up the atmosphere, have a few photos taken, and generally make the most of this world-renowned part of the capital.

London Venue Hire Bursting with History

When one thinks of London venues for hire, it’s all too easy to immediately conjure up images of soulless, grey, industrial spaces, or corporate meeting rooms packed with identical office furniture. The Caledonian Club is the perfect antidote for such things; it’s a venue which exudes so much charm, so much history, and so many unique features – it’s safe to say there really isn’t another venue like it to be found anywhere else in the city.

The Caledonian Club is housed within the last mansion of its kind to be built in Belgravia, and offers its guests and clients the chance to soak up the atmosphere of a genuine 19th century townhouse. All throughout the venue, a huge number of the original furnishings have been beautifully maintained and preserved, and the decor and interior design of the entire building have been carefully selected to exude a sense of period grandeur and sophistication. Everywhere you look, there are clues to the building’s history and prestige, and the important role the club has played for the Scottish community here in London. To utilise the Caledonian Club as a venue hire opportunity is not merely to make use of beautiful function rooms – it’s a chance to partake in a slice of history, and to immerse oneself in beauty, elegance, and true Scots hospitality.

Highland Sophistication and Flawless Scottish Charm

Hiring The Caledonian Club is all about providing those moments of exclusivity, and an array of sensory treats which make this stunning Belgravia mansion a venue that stands head and shoulders above the rest. That’s why this venue offers a range of wonderful options for those seeking to hold their parties, receptions, meetings, and other events, and never stops seeking new ways to delight. The Caledonian Club is well renowned for its incredible catering; whether traditional Scottish food, whisky tasting experiences, finger buffets featuring fresh and seasonal produce, or something tailor-made for an event is required, this venue is guaranteed to hit all the right notes from the first moment to the last.

What’s more, The Caledonian Club features a team of event professionals and venue hire specialists, each of whom are absolutely committed to ensuring the whole experience goes ahead exactly as envisioned. No request is too great or too small, and the Caledonian Club team will be only too happy to talk through the multitude of options and opportunities open to you.

A Range of Flawless Function Rooms

As with any top-quality venue for hire in London, the Caledonian Club offers its patrons and guests a wide array of stunning function rooms and halls to choose from, with a fantastic range of sizes and styles available.

The largest (and many would argue, the most impressive) of the function rooms for hire at the Caledonian Club is the beautiful Johnnie Walker Room. This function space for hire is incredibly elegant and atmospheric, and it highlights the unique features of the club in a most glorious fashion. With a wealth of period features and breathtaking design points, the Johnnie Walker Room has a capacity for 200 guests or 150 seated attendees, making it ideal for sizeable receptions in which more space is required.

However, the options do not end there. Other popular function rooms for hire in this beautiful Belgravia venue include the Library (a magnificently ambient and sophisticated space), the Morrison Room, and the Ballroom, each of which have their own capacities, their own unique atmosphere, and a long list of factors which make them perfect for different types of events. With intimate spaces for up to thirty attendees, and larger rooms suitable for over a hundred guests, there’s no doubt about the fact that The Caledonian Club offers no shortage of venue hire opportunities that will inspire, delight, and provide many memorable moments.

Venue hire at The Caledonian Club is an opportunity to make a real impact with an event, elevating it from the ordinary to the truly extraordinary. Why not get in touch today, and see what this stunning Belgravia mansion can do for you?

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Belgravia, London – Our Neighbourhood at The Caledonian Club

Here at The Caledonian Club, we take great pride in many things. We’re immensely proud of our history as a member’s club for Scotsmen and women in London, and that we provide a friendly, luxurious, and homely welcome for our members, their friends and families, and our esteemed guests. We’re proud also of the dinners and parties we host, the charitable causes we support, and our dedication to upholding Scottish standards of excellence in food, drink, and hospitality. Our pride also goes into our events, with each and every wedding, birthday, anniversary, and Burns’ Night celebration being one to remember. However, we’re also incredibly proud of our location, and the fact that our stylish, elegant, and distinguished clubhouse is nestled in the very heart of Belgravia – one of London’s most exclusive and charming neighbourhoods.

The Caledonian Club has been a fixture in Halkin Street, Belgravia since 1946, and is housed in a spectacular Belgravia mansion house (indeed, number 9 Halkin Street was, in fact, the very last mansion house of its kind to be built in London), which typifies the elegance and sophistication which Belgravia is known for. This part of London is one which is absolutely synonymous with a timeless London style; it exudes an almost bohemian, literary, and artistic approach to architecture and city planning, and it remains in considerable demand to this day thanks to its iconic buildings, its secret gardens, and its friendly, open, and welcoming atmosphere.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the environs which surround the Caledonian Club, and considering just what it is about Belgravia which makes this part of town so special, so unique, and so utterly evocative. Whether you’re a member of our club, or are interested in hiring one of our beautiful function rooms for a party, a wedding, or any other kind of event, knowing a little more about Belgravia and what to expect from this part of London is sure to heighten the Caledonian Club experience. Read on to find out more about our neighbourhood, and discover why we and our members love it so very, very dearly.

The Iconic Architecture of Belgravia

Wondering around Belgravia is a real treat for the senses, and we love nothing more than just stepping outside of our stylish clubhouse and taking it all in. The architecture of Belgravia really is the envy of London (and it has been imitated all across the globe) – those iconic white townhouses, with their stucco-fronted details have become synonymous with London style, and a sense of urbane glamour which is simply impossible to beat.

Dating back to the early 19th century, the style of houses in Belgravia heralds from the neighbourhood’s Georgian roots, when it was a fashionable new quarter for the capital’s elites. Possibly the finest examples can be seen on the striking Grosvenor Estate, which was built in the 1820s and perfectly retains its period charm.

A Greener Neighbourhood

They say that London is one of the greenest capital cities in the world, and the city is certainly renowned internationally for the size, beauty, and quality of its parks. However, it isn’t just in the parks of London where you get a real sense of this dedication to nature and clean, green spaces; a short walk around Belgravia will prove that the same love of trees, gardens, and wild corners can be found in its residential neighbourhoods, too.

Belgravia is well known for its garden squares and residents’ gardens, and our members will be sure to tell you about the many Caledonian Club parties and events we’ve enjoyed in such green spaces across the years. Beautiful, elegant, serene, and relaxing, they provide the natural heart of this neighbourhood, and we couldn’t imagine the area without them.

A Sense of Living History

Here at the Caledonian Club, we take our history very seriously indeed, and revel in the heritage and traditions we strive to keep alive in all that we do. Being in Belgravia, one cannot help but marvel at the history which runs through these streets, and enjoy the fact that the houses which surround us were once home to an incredible number of historic writers, poets, thinkers, and creatives… amongst many, many other individuals of note.

For example, both Mozart and Tennyson once called Belgravia home, as did Margaret Thatcher, Ian Fleming, and Sean Connery. If you want to get an idea of just how many influential historical figures lived and worked in Belgravia, simply take a wander through its streets. You quite literally cannot walk 100 metres without coming across a blue plaque; a real testament to the draw and appeal that Belgravia had and continues to have today.

Vibrant, Ever-Changing, and Always One Step Ahead

It would be all too easy to imagine Belgravia as a London neighbourhood content to remain frozen in time, as if the entirety of its streets and houses were preserved in 19th century amber. While streets and neighbourhoods matching this description can be found in other capital cities of Europe, this is something which could never be said for Belgravia. Indeed, for every stucco-fronted townhouse and historic pub or garden square, there’s always something new to discover, or a new business being launched and creating a stir amongst visitors and residents alike!

For many of our members and neighbours, this is one of Belgravia’s greatest assets; the fact that history and prestige can sit side by side with innovation, dynamism, and a fashion-forward identity. It’s certainly something which chimes with the values of the Caledonian Club – on the one hand, we celebrate tradition and keeping the old ways alive. However, on the other, we’re always open to new ideas and trends, and ever-keen to adapt and evolve to ensure our clients, visitors, and members remain intrigued and excited to see what we have up our sleeves!

The Quintessential Urban Village

It may be something of a cliche, but there’s no doubt that Belgravia really is an ‘urban village’ in the truest sense. Despite being in the heart of one of the world’s oldest, busiest, and most prestigious capital cities, living and staying in Belgravia will reveal friends, neighbours, and familiar faces everywhere you go. The warmth and openness of those who choose to call Belgravia home is one of the neighbourhood’s most valuable assets, and we’re deeply happy to count ourselves as one.

There you have it – a few facts and insights into Belgravia, and some points which demonstrate why this is one of London’s most beautiful, fascinating, and friendly neighbourhoods. The Caledonian Club may celebrate all things Scottish, but there’s no question that we’re immensely proud to call Belgravia home!

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Corporate Events at The Caledonian Club

London rightly deserves its reputation as being one of the world’s leading centres of corporate events, and the ever-bustling and dynamic capital has no shortage of impressive and imposing corporate events venues, each with a calendar full of fascinating conferences, gatherings, meetings, launches, receptions, and more. However, while there are plenty of both large and intimate events venues in the city to choose from, few – if any – possess the beauty, charm, and prestige of The Caledonian Club. This stunning and beguiling members club for those of Scottish heritage, nestled in the heart of one of London’s most beautiful neighbourhoods, is quickly gaining a name for itself as a leading venue for corporate events, and it really isn’t difficult to see why.

As soon as one walks through the doors of The Caledonian Club, you’re met with a sense of serenity, elegance, and utter sophistication. From the classically decorated meeting rooms, function spaces, and communal areas, to the incredible catering options and luxurious classic furnishings throughout, it’s clear that The Caledonian Club has something quite different to offer attendees and delegates of corporate events in London. When it comes to organising and hosting business events which need to make a deeply positive and lasting impact, this is one corporate events venue which simply cannot be overlooked.

Let’s take a closer look at The Caledonian Club, its history and prestige, and what it has to offer the events scene in London today. Whether you’re seeking to inject a sense of the Highlands into your next business launch, awards ceremony, or away day, or simply want to host your latest workshop series in a truly elegant and impactful setting, there’s little doubt that business events at The Caledonian Club are guaranteed to get your attendees talking.

Corporate Events That Truly Impress

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, and that those first impressions can influence a lifetime of decisions. If this is indeed the case – and we really do believe it is – then choosing the right venue for your business events is of paramount importance when it comes to showing your company in the best possible light, and giving your sponsors their chance to really shine. The Caledonian Club is a truly wonderful corporate events venue to consider for business events of all types and sizes.

Not only will you have the chance to host your event in one of London’s most desirable and elegant neighbourhoods, The Caledonian Club offers the kind of interiors, ambience, and levels of service and attention to detail which will leave your attendees open-mouthed with amazement, and eager to spread the word about the sense of classic luxury and sophistication. The Caledonian Club has built its reputation across decades and decades of dedication to sheer excellence and exclusivity.

Your delegates and partners in attendance will take great delight in soaking up the exclusive atmosphere of this stunning venue, and enjoying the period furnishings and decor which fill the spectacular rooms of the club. However – despite The Caledonian Club being very much imbued with a beautifully vintage and authentic 19th century look – the events team are more than capable of setting up all of the AV and PA equipment you could wish for. As such The Caledonian Club is just as suited for contemporary business events as well as old-fashioned hospitality, blending the finest of both worlds in inimitable fashion.

History, Prestige, and Beauty Combined

While 21st century London celebrates its dynamism, modernity, and forward-thinking approaches to business, it’s of utmost importance to remember that this is also a city which is brimming with thousands of years of history and historical prestige. This is particularly significant to bear in mind if you’re hosting a business event or corporate gathering aimed at international delegates – it would be a great shame, after all, for them to fly to one of the cultural capitals of the world, and to then miss out on gaining a real taste of classic hospitality and an authentic dose of tradition. This is just one of the many reasons why The Caledonian Club is widely considered to be one of the most exciting and sought-after corporate events venues in the capital: here, your attendees can experience a genuine Scottish welcome, and revel in the unrivalled beauty and elegance that only Belgravia and its majestic townhouses and mansions can offer.

The Caledonian Club as an entity dates back to 1891, when it was established as a private members club for Scotsmen in London, and a place where gentlemen could gather, share stories, and keep their traditions alive when far from the misty mountains of home. The clubhouse how it is today was formally opened on Halkin Street in 1946, although the building itself dates back to the turn of the 20th century, when it was a private residence of the esteemed Morrison family. It is worth noting that Number 9 Halkin Street was actually the last mansion of its kind to be built in London, cementing the unique ambience that The Caledonian Club possesses, and very much making it a gem from another bygone era.

All of this wonderful history and the intoxicating atmosphere of the Caledonian Club is something which exists in the very walls, halls, and furnishings of this fascinating corporate events venue in London. As mentioned, hosting your next business gathering at this location is something which sends a clear message to your delegates, guests, and attendees: that when it comes to your events, only the very finest will suffice.

A Range of Stunning Rooms for Corporate Events

If you’re looking to host a business event at The Caledonian Club, one of the first things both you and the club’s team of event organisers will need to know is which rooms and function spaces you’ll be needing to make use of. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the perfect space for your corporate event in Belgravia, as The Caledonian Club has no shortage of spectacular halls, dining spaces, and functional social and business areas to enjoy. Some of the most popular are listed below, although it is important to note that there are plenty of other options available, each equally impressive and ideal for a range of business purposes as the last.

While The Caledonian Club is certainly one of the smaller corporate events venue in comparison to many others in the capitaly, it’s the consistent intimacy and elegance this building exudes that makes it so special and popular with those seeking somewhere spectacular with which to impress their delegates. The largest – and perhaps the most impressive of all the function rooms at The Caledonian Club is the Johnnie Walker room, which is utterly beautiful in its design and period features, which has a capacity of 200 guests (or 150 seated attendees).

If you’re on the lookout for something a little more intimate for a workshop, a meeting, or a presentation, then the Library, the Ballroom, and the Morrison Room (among many others) are all available to hire, and offer guest capacities which range between thirty to one hundred and fifty attendees.

Whichever spaces or rooms you settle upon for your corporate event, one factor remains guaranteed: The Caledonian Club will provide all you need for a business event which will exude its unique Belgravia charm from start to finish, and the dedicated team will be on hand to ensure that every guest and delegate receives the attention they require, and the level of service your event deserves. Make no mistake: a corporate event at The Caledonian Club is one which all involved will remember forever, and there’s no doubt that choosing this beautiful period venue will work wonders for your business profile and reputation.

Traditional and Modern Catering Options for Business Events

The Caledonian Club is frequently utilised for a wide array of different events, which range from traditional Scottish weddings to cultural calendar highlights, and from high-powered corporate events to intimate business meetings and more. No matter what the occasion, the catering team at The Caledonian Club never fail to impress with the incredible food and drinks options on offer. If you’re planning a corporate conference or other business event at this beautiful clubhouse, you can rest assured that you and your delegates will be taken on a sensory journey quite unlike any other!

From light canapes to full sit-down multi-course dinners, the catering team at The Caledonian Club excel in providing mouthwatering food and drinks options for its guests. Using high quality Scottish and local ingredients, with a keen eye for seasonality and flavour, this venue is capable of ensuring your events are taken to new heights of excellence when it comes to flawless hospitality.

The Perfect Location for Corporate Events in London

It would be impossible to list the benefits of hosting a corporate event at The Caledonian Club without making some mention of the venue’s location. Situated in the heart of Belgravia in West London (and with access to one of this neighbourhood’s famous garden spaces, should you need an outdoor aspect to your event), The Caledonian Club is wonderfully accessible by car, by foot, or by public transport. Being just a stone’s throw from major national and international train stations, and all of London’s airports, also makes this venue perfect for events with a global reach, and it means that The Caledonian Club is fantastically accessible no matter where in the world your guests are arriving from.

The Caledonian Club: The Ideal Venue for Conferences and More The Caledonian Club really is one of the most unique, most prestigious, and most exciting corporate events venues on the events scene in London today. Thanks to its beauty, its superb position, and its undying dedication to delivering the utmost in all that it does, The Caledonian Club is quickly garnering a reputation for excellence .

Images are ©Lee Allison

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Isla St. Clair: Musical Memories of Home

Close your eyes, and think of Scotland. It’s a land of majestic natural beauty, of ancient and fascinating cities, of inventive and friendly people, and of a million other delights to all the senses. It’s also a country with one of the strongest, proudest, and most evocative musical traditions on earth, and for Scotsmen and women everywhere, the lilting ballads, feisty dances, and the irresistible power of the pipes are engraved upon their hearts, and never anything but an utter joy to encounter.

Over the centuries, Scotland has produced many of the most talented and timeless musicians, singers, and folk artists that have ever graced a stage. Imbued with a natural romanticism, and possessed of an ability to weave stories through song, they’ve contributed so much to Scottish cultural identity and a sense of being. Among the finest of the Scottish folk singers, we find the unique talent and stage presence that is Isla St. Clair; folk singer extraordinaire, and bonafide Scottish celebrity whose performances never fail to bring a reel to the legs and a patriotic tear to the eye.

Singing Songs as Old as the Hills

When Isla St. Clair takes to the stage, she brings centuries of heritage with her. Few folk singers today have such a clear passion for their material as Isla does, nor do they possess such an encyclopaedic knowledge of the history and cultural significance of the songs they sing. Whether she’s singing a simple reel, a timeless ballad, or one of her favourite popular folk numbers, Isla has the ability to capture her audience with little more than an acoustic guitar and her golden voice. At once melancholy and euphoric, her reinterpretations of iconic folk songs have brought delight to countless thousands across the years, and she seems to get better year by year on the folk circuit.

Isla St. Clair’s ability to transmit the history and majesty of the Scottish landscape, the essence of Scottish history and culture, and the incredible and evocative folk tradition she forms part of is a wonder to behold. It’s something which has come about after a lifetime of performance, study, and passion, and her expertise and mastery of the songs and her vocal skills are evident from start to finish. Isla’s musical career is one which has spanned the decades; she was already an established folk club singer in Aberdeen by the age of ten… and her star has only risen and risen since then. No wonder, then, that she is considered a preeminent folk singer and champion of Scottish musical heritage, and a performer of incredible pedigree and distinction.

Isla St. Clair: A Life in Music

Born on the 2nd of May, 1952 into a musical household in Grangemouth, Stirling, it was clear from a very young age that Isla St. Clair had a life in music ahead of her. Her regular performances at the Aberdeen folk club – at the tender age of ten years old – made her a favourite with those seeking to hear the classics sung with the purity of her young voice, and by the age of twelve, she was performing on both television and radio. Through her appearances on popular television programmes, such as My Kind of Folk and Stories are for Singing, the young star made contact with plenty of well-established singers on the folk circuit (not least the hugely successful and now almost legendary Jeannie Robertson), which undoubtedly fueled her enthusiasm. After leaving school at seventeen, Isla decided to follow her dreams and her heritage, and became a full-time professional folk singer with dozens of credits soon appearing against her name on the national and international folk scene.

Before long, the allure of London was irresistible to the young singer, and her natural charm and flawless voice made her the perfect choice to present The Song and The Story. Popular with viewers up and down the UK, and with her old fans in Scotland cheering her along every step of the way, her television career began to take off in a big way. Of course, we all remember with great fondness Isla St. Clair’s long-running collaboration with Larry Grayson on the BBC’s family game show, The Generation Game. Her appearances on Saturday night primetime TV led to many new fans discovering her vocal work and folk heritage, and when she finally left Grayson’s side to renew her enthusiasm for live folk performances, her fans remained true and endlessly supportive.

Over the decades which followed, Isla recorded several albums of traditional Scottish music, to great critical and fanbase acclaim. These included the stunning Inheritance, as well as the transportative album Scenes of Scotland, which featured Isla getting in touch with the music composed by her mother, and which she had once danced and sang along to as a little girl. Today, Isla remains at the peak of her powers, and her love of performing live to an enthusiastic audience seeking authentic Scottish folk music has faded not one bit. Her voice remains pure and true, her clear understanding of and passion for her her songs remains at the heart of her engrossing performances, and the essence of the musical tradition of her homeland informs each and every note.

A Night to Remember at The Caledonian Club

Back in April 2017, Isla St. Clair performed at the Caledonian Club in London for members. It’s hard to imagine a more fitting venue for the veteran folk singer; she was surrounded by those who share an enthusiasm, a fascination, and a deep respect for Scottish heritage, folklore, and culture, and her performance was met with rapturous applause, and nary a dry eye in the house.

Such cultural events are far from unusual at The Caledonian Club. As London’s premier private club for those of Scottish descent and heritage, concerts, performances, dance events, poetry readings, dinners, and whisky tastings – among many more cultural highlights – are key aspects of this elegant club’s monthly roster of gatherings. It’s a place to be surrounded by friends and fellow countrymen and women, and something of a home from home, where tales are shared and memories relived. What’s more, with the Caledonian Club’s incredible chefs and catering team, it offers a more literal taste of home, and a wide range of sensory delights which are sure to transport you to the beauty and majesty of Scotland.

Isla St. Clair’s beautiful performance in one of the grandest rooms of the Caledonian Club was a genuine pleasure to be involved in, and her songs undoubtedly moved the emotions of all who were present. She’s sure to return some day soon, bringing her ancestral music with her… but in the meantime, there’s plenty to explore and enjoy at this wonderful events space and clubhouse. We hope to see you soon, and provide you with an authentic Scottish welcome that’ll never be forgotten.

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The Club is open throughout August!

We would like to remind members that The Caledonian Club is open throughout August. Our Members Dining Room will be open for Lunch (12.45-2.15pm) and Dinner (7.00-9.30pm), Monday to Friday, and a lighter snack menu will be available on the terrace 12pm – 7pm.

We would greatly appreciate it if Members could book in advance.

Accommodation and Banqueting facilities will also be available seven days a week.

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests to experience The Caledonian Club and hopefully enjoy some Summer sunshine.


We are pleased to report the refurbishment of the Bar shelving is completed and 200 whiskies are now available at the Bar!





Scots in Great War London is now available to buy from Reception.

Please click here for the calendar of events from 2018.







Staff News

The first Staff Summer Party, held on Saturday 28th July, proved very popular. A lovely sunny day al fresco with some great food, drinks, family and friends. Click here to view some pictures.

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June 2018 News

Friday Fizz & Summer Sharing Platters

There’s always an excuse to celebrate, especially with our Friday Fizz evenings!

Prosecco at just £19.95 per bottle on Friday evenings from 6pm to 8.30pm from June until the end of August.
Escape to the tranquility of the Club Terrace and enjoy some summer sparkles along with our new sharing platters. A relaxed dress code of smart/casual applies from 6pm on Fridays.

Summer Sharing Platters for Two. Served Monday to Friday from 12pm- 7pm. Just £18.00 each

Charcuterie Board
A selection of Cured Meats, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Olive Oil & Balsamic, Warm Pitta BreadSmoked Fish Board
Smoked Salmon, Mackerel & Trout, Taramasalata, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Warm Pitta Bread

Vegetarian Board
Chargrilled Mediterranean Vegetables, Houmous, Tzatziki, Greek Yoghurt, Warm Pitta Bread

New Magazine out soon!
Members will be posted a copy of the summer magazine the week commencing 25th June. Thanks to the editorial team, for all their hard work on this edition!
The Summer Ball was a huge success!

The Summer Ball, held on 1st July with a ‘Highlands and Islands’ theme, was a huge success with over 130 Members and Guests in attendance.

Images can be viewed here and purchased by contacting Monica Wells at
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April 2018 News


With the weather getting brighter there is no better place to wind down and relax than our beautiful Terrace. Why not try one of our new cocktails?
-Black Russian
-Caledonian Club Cocktail
-Dark & Stormy
-Espresso Martini
-Old Fashioned
-Tom Collins

Monday Curry Night

From Monday 14th May our Chef will be offering a choice of curry each Monday evening, alongside our usual menu. They will include a selection of curries from the Indian Sub-Continent, China and Thailand. The menu is as follows and priced at £13.50 per person.

Easter Carvery Success

Over 50 Members, guests and family attended the carvery on Easter Sunday. A selection of starters followed by Roast Beef, Ham, Turkey and Lamb and finished off with dessert kept hunger at bay after the Easter egg hunt on the ground floor.

Our next Family Carvery will be held before Christmas with Santa already booked to make an appearance – details to follow.

Barman’s Choice

Chris Smith has been looking closely at our whisky selection and is looking to add some special malts to our already extensive range – do look out for his choices on the bar and he would welcome feedback! Current choice… Tomatin 8yr old.

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February 2018 News

Third Annual Scottish Schools Art Exhibition

The exhibition will run until Friday 23rd March in the Drawing Room, with the Club hosting a private view for members, artists and parents or school representatives on Thursday 22nd March.

Charlotte Riordan, Head of Contemporary Art at Lyon & Turnbull, is this year’s judge and has chosen her top three pieces.

The following schools have submitted artwork, including some wonderful
self portraits, landscapes and photography:

-George Watson’s College
-Glenalmond College
-High School of Dundee
-Lomond School
-Robert Gordon’s College
-St Aloysius’ College
-The High School of Glasgow

If you’d like to attend the private view please contact Amber Claybourne at or on 020 7333 8722.

Please welcome our new Dining Room Manager

Alex Grainger joins us from The Wolseley and has an extensive background in Hospitality and Event Management.

These roles included Restaurant Manager at Colbert, Sloane Square and Waltons of Walton Street, Chelsea and the boutique Dinham Hall Hotel in Ludlow, in addition to managing events and all catering operations at the Belvoir Estate and being Director of Operations at Hampton Court.

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Take a tour around the Club!

Want to see what our beautiful Club looks like? This interactive tour video provides details about each room. The Club has lots of flexible spaces that are perfect for meetings, events, parties and weddings. Our in-house team is on-hand to help you plan and execute them to the highest standard, plus our Head Chef can work with you to create bespoke menus.


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May News

Bill Martin has written songs for Elvis Presley, Sir Cliff Richard, Sandie Shaw, Cilla Black, Billy Connolly, George Harrison and The Beatles to name a few. He will be appearing nightly (excluding Mondays) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, from August 4-28, with his one-man show “Congratulations — Songwriter To The Stars”, at The Dome from 8.15pm to 9.15pm.
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