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Belgravia, London – Our Neighbourhood at The Caledonian Club

May 6, 2019 10:46 am

Here at The Caledonian Club, we take great pride in many things. We’re immensely proud of our history as a member’s club for Scotsmen and women in London, and that we provide a friendly, luxurious, and homely welcome for our members, their friends and families, and our esteemed guests. We’re proud also of the dinners and parties we host, the charitable causes we support, and our dedication to upholding Scottish standards of excellence in food, drink, and hospitality. Our pride also goes into our events, with each and every wedding, birthday, anniversary, and Burns’ Night celebration being one to remember. However, we’re also incredibly proud of our location, and the fact that our stylish, elegant, and distinguished clubhouse is nestled in the very heart of Belgravia – one of London’s most exclusive and charming neighbourhoods.

The Caledonian Club has been a fixture in Halkin Street, Belgravia since 1946, and is housed in a spectacular Belgravia mansion house (indeed, number 9 Halkin Street was, in fact, the very last mansion house of its kind to be built in London), which typifies the elegance and sophistication which Belgravia is known for. This part of London is one which is absolutely synonymous with a timeless London style; it exudes an almost bohemian, literary, and artistic approach to architecture and city planning, and it remains in considerable demand to this day thanks to its iconic buildings, its secret gardens, and its friendly, open, and welcoming atmosphere.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the environs which surround the Caledonian Club, and considering just what it is about Belgravia which makes this part of town so special, so unique, and so utterly evocative. Whether you’re a member of our club, or are interested in hiring one of our beautiful function rooms for a party, a wedding, or any other kind of event, knowing a little more about Belgravia and what to expect from this part of London is sure to heighten the Caledonian Club experience. Read on to find out more about our neighbourhood, and discover why we and our members love it so very, very dearly.

The Iconic Architecture of Belgravia

Wondering around Belgravia is a real treat for the senses, and we love nothing more than just stepping outside of our stylish clubhouse and taking it all in. The architecture of Belgravia really is the envy of London (and it has been imitated all across the globe) – those iconic white townhouses, with their stucco-fronted details have become synonymous with London style, and a sense of urbane glamour which is simply impossible to beat.

Dating back to the early 19th century, the style of houses in Belgravia heralds from the neighbourhood’s Georgian roots, when it was a fashionable new quarter for the capital’s elites. Possibly the finest examples can be seen on the striking Grosvenor Estate, which was built in the 1820s and perfectly retains its period charm.

A Greener Neighbourhood

They say that London is one of the greenest capital cities in the world, and the city is certainly renowned internationally for the size, beauty, and quality of its parks. However, it isn’t just in the parks of London where you get a real sense of this dedication to nature and clean, green spaces; a short walk around Belgravia will prove that the same love of trees, gardens, and wild corners can be found in its residential neighbourhoods, too.

Belgravia is well known for its garden squares and residents’ gardens, and our members will be sure to tell you about the many Caledonian Club parties and events we’ve enjoyed in such green spaces across the years. Beautiful, elegant, serene, and relaxing, they provide the natural heart of this neighbourhood, and we couldn’t imagine the area without them.

A Sense of Living History

Here at the Caledonian Club, we take our history very seriously indeed, and revel in the heritage and traditions we strive to keep alive in all that we do. Being in Belgravia, one cannot help but marvel at the history which runs through these streets, and enjoy the fact that the houses which surround us were once home to an incredible number of historic writers, poets, thinkers, and creatives… amongst many, many other individuals of note.

For example, both Mozart and Tennyson once called Belgravia home, as did Margaret Thatcher, Ian Fleming, and Sean Connery. If you want to get an idea of just how many influential historical figures lived and worked in Belgravia, simply take a wander through its streets. You quite literally cannot walk 100 metres without coming across a blue plaque; a real testament to the draw and appeal that Belgravia had and continues to have today.

Vibrant, Ever-Changing, and Always One Step Ahead

It would be all too easy to imagine Belgravia as a London neighbourhood content to remain frozen in time, as if the entirety of its streets and houses were preserved in 19th century amber. While streets and neighbourhoods matching this description can be found in other capital cities of Europe, this is something which could never be said for Belgravia. Indeed, for every stucco-fronted townhouse and historic pub or garden square, there’s always something new to discover, or a new business being launched and creating a stir amongst visitors and residents alike!

For many of our members and neighbours, this is one of Belgravia’s greatest assets; the fact that history and prestige can sit side by side with innovation, dynamism, and a fashion-forward identity. It’s certainly something which chimes with the values of the Caledonian Club – on the one hand, we celebrate tradition and keeping the old ways alive. However, on the other, we’re always open to new ideas and trends, and ever-keen to adapt and evolve to ensure our clients, visitors, and members remain intrigued and excited to see what we have up our sleeves!

The Quintessential Urban Village

It may be something of a cliche, but there’s no doubt that Belgravia really is an ‘urban village’ in the truest sense. Despite being in the heart of one of the world’s oldest, busiest, and most prestigious capital cities, living and staying in Belgravia will reveal friends, neighbours, and familiar faces everywhere you go. The warmth and openness of those who choose to call Belgravia home is one of the neighbourhood’s most valuable assets, and we’re deeply happy to count ourselves as one.

There you have it – a few facts and insights into Belgravia, and some points which demonstrate why this is one of London’s most beautiful, fascinating, and friendly neighbourhoods. The Caledonian Club may celebrate all things Scottish, but there’s no question that we’re immensely proud to call Belgravia home!

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